We will always have your back with our Lost and Broken Protection Policy. The tips below will help keep them in great condition!

  • When cleaning your shades, only use a clean microfiber cloth, like the pouch your shades arrived in. Other materials can cause microtears in the lens, allowing moisture and other things between the layers.
  • Avoid using household cleaners, soap, or eyeglass wipes – these products can damage your protective coatings.
  • Try to clean your shades whenever you’ve finished using them – a quick rinse in warm water, and then wiping your shades down with your microfiber cloth will make sure nothing builds up on the lenses.
  • When you use your shades at the beach or in saltwater, rinse and clean your shades with your microfiber cloth as soon as possible to keep your lenses perfect!
  • On extremely hot or cold days, we recommend removing your shades from your vehicle, rather than leaving them there for expended periods.
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