Our motto here is to Live Hard with your shades because we will always have your back with our Lost and Broken Protection Policy.  However, here are some helpful best practice tips to help maximize the life of your Shady Rays and keep them in top-notch condition!

  • When cleaning your shades, we recommend using only a clean microfiber cloth. You can also use the microfiber pouch your shades arrived in! Using any other type of material can inadvertently cause small scratches which may allow moisture to seep between the lens layers.  We also strongly discourage using any type of soap, household cleaning products, and eyeglass wipes to clean your Shady Rays!
  • After every few times of wearing your shades, we suggest cleaning off any sweat or residue from the frame and lenses – this prevents perspiration from accumulating, which will lessen the chance of any peeling, flaking, or damage occurring to the frame.
  • When at the beach or around saltwater, we strongly suggest cleaning off the lenses with your microfiber cloth or towel as soon as possible after use. 
  • On extremely hot or cold days, we suggest refraining from leaving your shades in your vehicle for extended periods of time.
  • When traveling with your shades, be sure to store them safely in our Shady Rays hard case to prevent any accidental scratching!
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