What's the difference between Polarized and Non-Polarized?

Polarized lenses have an extra coating that helps to reduce glare and enhance visual clarity. Glare is reduced by blocking out horizontal light rays that reflect from surfaces such as water, snow, glass, or other light sources. In addition to reducing glare, polarized lenses ease eye strain from long hours in the sun.

Non-polarized lenses offer the same great protection for your eyes and block out harmful UV rays. You might choose non-polarized shades because the polarization can make it difficult or impossible to see some LCD screens such as phones, tablets, or ATM's. Pilots require non-polarized lenses and they're often preferred for snow sports. 

You can find our available non-polarized shades HERE.

How can you tell if your shades are polarized? Hold them in front of you while looking through at a computer or laptop screen (not a cell phone) and rotate them. You'll see the screen goes very dark or black on polarized shades, as in the GIF below. 


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