We try to match our prescription lens colors a close as we can to our standard shades. They are not always a 100% match but they are extremely close.

We offer 3 options for non-mirrored lenses, Amber, G15 Green, and Grey. If you choose one of these options the lens tint, the color you see when looking through the lens will also be that color.

VLT (Visual Light Transmission) for the above:

  • Amber: 19% VLT
  • G15 Green: 15% VLT
  • Grey: 16% VLT

We have 7 different options in our mirrored lenses and the base tint, the color you will see when looking through, is grey.

The VLT, Visual Light Transmission, for all mirrored lenses is 16%.

*Prescription Orders are available in the US only*

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