What is the Snow Goggle Warranty?

Our Snow Goggles and Snow Goggle Lenses are covered under warranty if they are broken but not lost. The replacement fee for broken goggles and lenses is $8.89 US and can be replaced up to twice under this warranty. To start a replacement visit us at warranty.shadyrays.com *photo required*

Our goggles and lenses are covered under our Lifetime Craftsmanship warranty. If they ever have an issue that is our fault such as a manufacturing defect or a problem that should not occur with normal use, we will replace your pair at absolutely no cost to you for life. 

*The warranty only covers orders placed through shadyrays.com, our official amazon listings, and approved retailers - thereby excluding other re-sellers. Qualification for this coverage is at Shady Rays sole discretion and may require pictures of and/or the actual sunglasses to review and approve a new pair.

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