There are two important things to know about your lenses - the VLT, and the tint color. VLT refers to the amount of light that reaches your eyes through your lenses and is measured as a percentage. The lower that percentage, the darker the lens! For example, at Shady Rays, most of our lenses fall between 8% and 18% VLT. That means most of our shades block between 92% and 82% of the light that passes through the lens.

We do have a shooter lens, for any activity where the highest possible visibility is preferred. That lens, the Yellow Sky, has 76% VLT, and is available in both sets of our React shades, which can be checked out here: Type S and Type R.

Below, there are two tables – this first one indicates the darkest, and lightest lens option for every pair of shades we offer. 

  Darkest Lightest
Allure Black Tortoise, Mosaic Tortoise, Sterling Night, Twilight Belle - 11.9% VLT Sapphire Breeze - 18% VLT
Aviator Emerald Gold - 10% VLT Slate, Rose Gold - 16% VLT
Azalea Black Champagne - 9% VLT Mosaic - 14% VLT
Calico Midnight Lynx - 8% VLT Savannah Tortoise – 18% VLT
Classic Ocean, Black Ocean – 10% VLT Amber Woods, Original Tortoise, Golden Timber, Calimesa – 16% VLT
DeepSea Glacier - 10% VLT Blackout - 14% VLT
HighRise Black Ocean, Ocean Ice - 9% VLT Black Calimesa - 15% VLT
Lotus Blackout, Midnight Galaxy, Sable Tortoise, Midnight Amethyst – 10% VLT Pink Tortoise – 22% VLT
Navigator Navy Silver - 9% VLT Black Gold, Black Gunmetal - 12% VLT
Nitro Phantom Grey, Yellowjacket - 10% VLT All Star - 16% VLT
Oakmont Marble, Original, Timber, Tortoise, Stealth – 8% VLT Amber Tortoise – 18% VLT
React Blackout – 11% VLT Glacier – 14.1% VLT
Signature Series Blackout, Black Ice – 8% VLT Black Glacier, Glacier Ice -18% VLT
Terrain Black Glacier - 10% VLT Clear - 87% VLT
Titan Black Glacier – 8% VLT Blackout – 16% VLT
Velocity Black Glacier, Glacier Ice – 10% VLT Blackout – 14% VLT
Ventura Amber Tortoise – 10% VLT Royal – 16% VLT
X Series Blackout, Black Ice – 8% VLT Black Glacier, Ocean Ice – 18% VLT


On this second table, you can find what lens tint is available in each frame and lens combination. Only three pairs are not represented here: the Allure - Purple Tortoise shades, and the Azalea - Mosaic Tortoise which have a green interior tint, and the previously mentioned React shades, with the Yellow Sky lens, which features a yellow view from inside!

  Amber Gray
Allure Sapphire Breeze Black Tortoise, Calimesa Angel, Calimesa Blush, Mosaic Tortoise, Vibe, Villa Bliss, Villa Shore
Aviator Sky, Emerald Gold Blackout, Black Gold, Infrared Stealth, Purple Gold, Rose Gold, Slate
Azalea Sienna Tortoise Blackout, Midnight Champagne, Galaxy Tortoise, Mint Chip
Calico Savannah Tortoise Midnight Calimesa, Midnight Lynx
Classic Amber Woods, Black Ocean, Ocean, Ocean Tortoise, and Original Tortoise Black Timber, Black Emerald, Deep Timber, Emerald, Gold Sunset, Golden, Jet Black, Original Blackout, Calimesa
DeepSea Amber Tortoise, Emerald, Glacier Blackout
HighRise Amber Woods, Black Ocean, Ocean Ice Calimesa, Blackout
Lotus Sable Tortoise  


Amber Gold Black Gold, Black Gunmetal, Navy Silver
Oakmont Amber Tortoise  
React Glacier Blackout, Mirage, Slate
Signature Series Black Glacier (Original only), Glacier Ice (Original only) Blackout, Black Emerald, Black Ice, Black Infrared, Black Slate, Emerald Ice, Purple Sunset, All Extreme versions
Titan Black Glacier Blackout, Black Slate
Velocity Black Glacier, Ocean Ice Blackout, Black Emerald, Black Slate, Black Sunset
Ventura Amber Tortoise Blackout, Black Tortoise, Patriotic Tortoise, Royal
X Series Black Glacier (Original only), Ocean Ice (Original Only), White Glacier Blackout, Blackout Incognito, Black Emerald, Black Ice, Black Infrared, Emerald Ice, Whiteout, Whiteout Incognito


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