Snow Goggle Tint Information

There are two important things to know about your goggle lenses - the VLT, and the tint color. VLT refers to the amount of light that reaches your eyes through your lenses and is measured as a percentage. The lower that percentage, the darker the lens! For example, at Shady Rays, most of our lenses fall between 8% and 49% VLT. That means most of our shades block between 92% and 51% of the light that passes through the lens.

We do have low light lenses, for any activity where the highest possible visibility is preferred. Those lenses, are the Black/Red, and Clear, with VLTs of 71%, and 82% respectively. 

Below, there are is a table – which lists each lens, and a brief description of the conditions where it excels!

Lens VLT and Info
Snow Goggle Lens - Dual PC Clear w/o Coating  82% VLT, Clear lens with minimal grey tint and no mirror great for people who don't want anything but basic eye protection, great for full nighttime activities, or extreme low light conditions.
Black/Red Low-Light 71% VLT, Great for very dark days, or evenings on a well-lit path. Lens is almost clear, very little gray tint, light mirror coating. 
Powder Blue 56% VLT, good for low-light settings, cloudy/overcast days, Yellow/Amber tint
Rose 53% VLT, cloudy days, setting sun, Pink/Rose tint
Yellow Sky 49% VLT, Cloudy days, setting sun. Mid-range VLT, darker than you'd want for dusk, but yellow tint enhances contrast, making this ideal for whiteout conditions. If the budget says only 1 lens, get this one. Very versatile. 
Blackout 22% VLT, Good for Bluebird to partly sunny conditions, with a grey tint.
Champagne 22% VLT, Good for Bluebird to partly sunny conditions, with a grey/green tint.
Infrared Edge 21% VLT, Dark lens, grey tint. Ideal for bright, sunny conditions and clear weather. High definition optics, allows for clear visibility.
Purple Rush 20% VLT, a darker lens, with a unique green/gray tint. Good for brighter conditions, and clear weather. 
Alpine Emerald  16% VLT, with a dark interior, and grey tint, this lens still has a lot of color, and is great for bright conditions!
Rose Gold 16% VLT, A vibrant lens, with a grey interior tint. Perfect for blue-bird, or partly sunny conditions. 
Glacier 15% VLT, a popular lens choice, with an amber tint! Great for sunny weather, and bright skies. 
Rainbow 13% VLT, Ideal for bright, sunny conditions and clear weather. Polarized lens offers additional protection from sun and glare, reducing eye strain while having clear optics.
Infrared Edge 9% VLT, Comes in two variations - polarized, and non-polarized, each with a darker lens, and grey tint. Perfect sunny conditions!
Mountain Chrome 8% VLT, A very reflective choice that looks great in all conditions! With a grey tint on the interior, this is a good all-around lens for bright weather.


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